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"Do you come here often?"

Copy of So the f&%k what_edited.jpg
Copy of So the f&%k what_edited.jpg

oh, Hello!

Lauren loves

  • Piper (obviously)

  • Giraffes

  • Yulelog

  • Naps

  • Hedgehogs

  • Bears

  • Stationery (Big Time!)

  • Green and pink (forever)

Copy of So the f&%k what_edited.jpg

Lauren hates

  • Loud noises

  • Tangled up coat-hangers

  • Goat's cheese

  • Self doubt. It can just do one, right!

  • Being tickled. It makes me feel sick

Piper loves

  • Carrots

  • People

  • Dogs

  • Crows

  • Broccoli

  • Chicken

  • Watching TV

Piper hates

  • Not enough carrots

  • Not getting to say hi to people

  • Not getting to play with other dogs

  • When the crows fly away

  • Not enough broccoli

  • Not enough chicken

  • When the TV goes off

Paper Bear Lane is a small, creative illustration studio, home to Lauren and her assistant Piper (the beagle puppy) and their weird and wonderful imaginations. Lauren is an illustrator, stationery designer and all-round paper fanatic! Piper is always full of beans.


"Hey! It's really nice of you to pop over here. I'm guessing you'd like to learn a little bit more about Paper Bear Lane and the person (and pup) behind it?

Where to begin? I'm not really sure where the Paper Bear Lane journey starts. For me, PBL was in the making for years and years but also has always existed (in some guise or another, be it just in my mind or on the big world wide web.)


I guess you could say it officially "launched" in 2016 when I was brave enough to create an Instagram account and do my very first wedding fair. I had made wedding stationery before then (and had absolutely loved the process!) so it was a natural step for me to try and do it more and more

Today, Paper Bear Lane is a small, creative illustration studio that specialises in wedding stationery and on-the-day details. We're probably best known for our signature book invites that can be designed to create a timeline of the day to get guests excited and later to look back on with fond memories. We're currently working hard on our house collections of customisable designs so that we can offer solutions to couples with less time, smaller budgets or who don't want a bespoke suite.


Whatever the design though; perfectly-flawed, heartfelt, wholesome, nostalgic illustrations and designs are at the centre of everything we do. I once received an illustration of a very special place to me and it was one of the most magical gifts that I am so grateful for receiving. I want PBL to share that feeling around, all over the place, as much as we possibly can!

PBL has also recently started to support small independent wedding industry businesses to add some pizzazz into their marketing materials with bespoke illustrations (in various forms). Illustration is a really powerful tool when it comes to connecting with people/customers/clients as it can convey so much (information, emotion, personality...) in a relatively small space. I have loved adding this string to the PBL bow and hope to do more and more work with more fabulous wedding business folk. (It's great making new friends too!)

What are we into? Well, I don't want to bore you with my life story, so in a nutshell, here's a little about me (and Piper) and what makes us tick or turn off!

THANK YOU again for stopping by. Please have a browse around and if you have any questions; got a commission in mind, a fun project to discuss or just want a chat - don't hesitate to drop us a note here.

We'll speak to you soon!"

L & P x

Keen to know more?


Take a look at our Q&A in the fab Margot's Wedding magazine (pages 22-25) here!

We've been featured in Rock My Wedding!!!! Eek! What a dream! Check it out here!

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