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Updated: Aug 29, 2020

Foam shrimp, pink flamingoes, lobsters in love. Clashing colours, humungous buoys and elaborate ornaments. This was my first ever shoot and "buoy" was the brief a dream!

I can actually remember where I was when I got Helen's (from Margot's wedding) email asking if I'd like to be involved in this shoot. I was in the dry shampoo aisle in Boots trying to see if there was one that might not make my scalp fall off when my phone made a little ping. My phone is normally on complete silent mode (like fully incognito because the noises it makes have a real knack at spiking my anxiety) so I feel like it was the universe reaching out saying, you're going to want to take a look at this one! I think that sums up how happy and excited I was to be asked. I mean, I can remember where I was when I was told that there wasn't just 1 Sister Act, but 2 and I feel like this is at least on par with that level of excitement.

This was my first ever shoot so I didn't really know what to expect, and yet I fully expected it to be right up my street. It's just like playing dress up, for a wedding so what's not to like. But that didn't stop me feeling all the nerves.

The moodboard that the team put together was really fun and thorough. There was an example of some wedding stationery on there that was perhaps more similar to my usual work but as soon as I'd seen some gummy lobsters on there, I COULD NOT GET Phoebe Buffet's voice out of my mind; "See he's her lobster". I don't know if it was my enthusiasm for friends, my giddiness for being asked to be involved or the idea that I could use an fabulous obnoxious pink and red combo, but I just knew immediately what the invites were going to look like.

" See, he's her lobster"

I illustrated an anchor and a lobster in a similar style to the Boat Shed Map I'd already created for Helen to make sure that couple's could pair that and this suite together if they wanted. And then I set to making sure I crammed as many nautical puns in as I possibly could!

That'll do buoy (girl), that'll do.

Helen was chuckling at me on the day because apparently, I was not playing it that cool. My excitement must have just been oozing out of me because it was supposedly very obvious that I was having THE BEST TIME! Where it was my first shoot, I'd not met any of the other suppliers before so it was so incredible to watch them work and to see all the creativity and talent just pour out of each and every one of them. I'm going to try and play it a bit cool now to save (some ) face but take my word for it, I was in awe of all them! Sally from Luna and the Lane (previously Events by Design) organised it and everyone on the day and Anna Marie from Anna Marie Stepney Photography captured the magic of the whole day. I don't know any good enough adjectives to describe not only the beautiful, unique work each supplier offers but also the energy and support on the day, so I'm going to let Anna Marie's images do the talking. See for yourself....

The shoot also gave me the opportunity to focus and manifest something that has been living in my brain for months! I've not launched it yet, but it's super sentimental, a gorgeous keepsake and comes in a very tiny package so is the perfect gift to sneak to your other half on the morning before you tie the knot! Like secretly passing a love note in school! Super romantic.

Perfect gift to sneak to your other half on the morning before you tie the knot!

Sneaky peeks below.

The nautical kitsch wedding stationery suite is now available to couples to customise and make their own. I WILL upload it onto the website so you can browse and shop it that way, it's at the top of my to do list. But just in case that to do list gets re-jigged or something crops up, if you would like to chat about tying the knot with your lobster and using this stationery, please reach out via email, the contact form on here or Instagram DMs!

Can we do it all again please?

A huge thank you to Sally for organising, to Helen for thinking of me, to Anna Marie for capturing all the beautiful magic and to the rest of the dream team for being outrageously talented and supportive. I had the best time and have made some real pals! Thank you, thank you, thank you.

The shoot was so vibrant in colour, energy and collaboration that Rock My Wedding snapped it up and featured us!!!! Check it out here:


Reach out to the super lovely team:

Models – Real couple Charlotte & Ben


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